April 23, 2010

New friends

Isn't it just delightful when you meet someone new and you have lots in common and conversation comes easily? I'm still kinda high from the meeting I had this week with a new acquaintance. Lately I've been fortunate to have met all kinds of fun new people, and continue to be grateful for my twitter friends, both those I have met and those I only know from online who I haven't (only a matter of time really).

This week's meeting started as a meshing of minds about coffee culture in RVA. I couldn't quiiite tell from the invitation if it the sender was strictly interested in business or not, but I figured I'd give it a go. The coffee shop where we were going to meet was closing by the time I got out of work, so we headed down to Cafe Gutenberg instead. It was half price wine night (which is the only day you should even get wine there, because all but the house wine is marked up so high it's ridic), so instead of coffee, we had to say yes to wine.

We brainstormed lots of great ideas about future Barista Jams and other coffee related things, but then got off on personal tangents too. Conversation flowed easily and after 3 hours, we finally parted, since it was a school night and all. I had quite a high after that, and I can't tell if it was just the wine talking. Either way, I'm always glad when meetings are both productive and interesting.

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  1. it still amazes me we have yet to meet. we must remedy this immediately.