February 8, 2014

Coming back

I haven't written since 2011. Yikes. Having a fulfilling job that leaves no time for blogging is not a terrible thing, but has hurt my ability to write AND read blogs. I especially miss following fashion blogs, and while I'm still loving and living fashion, I'm not sharing in it with anyone, which I do miss. Like all communication it seems, I've been spending time in short form--Twitter and Instagram.

I recently re-found the RVA fashion bloggers. It's nice to see their pool has gotten bigger and includes some folks who have a professional style and those who love thrifting as much as I. While I respect and enjoy Dirty Richmond blog, especially for being one of the first, VCU hipsters are not my thing, and after awhile, it gets tiring seeing kids who dress like triangles and crazy people. So as in all things, diversity is good! It's fun to see folks who also love food and Richmond as well as fashion. Now I just need to figure out how to meet them.