October 27, 2009


My cat eats peanuts. LOVES them.

Sugar Rim

It makes all the difference really, the sugar rim

I'm having these right now. Got home from 2nd job early. Yum. Going to be productive, piddle on the Internets, and then watch MTV reality TV with my LOVERR. Listening to "Save Your Scissors" by City and Colour. It's good to be alive.

More FrozFood

I didn't intend for my blog to become a place to review frozen entrees, but I've found another good one. After I raved about Lean Cuisine's flatbreads last week, I couldn't find any at my grocery store (gar) so I got the Baja-style chicken quesadilla instead. It only takes 2 mins in the microwave and is VERY yummy.

This flavor is:
Grilled chicken strips, black beans and corn salsa with reduced fat mozzarella, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses in a flour tortilla.

Fat - 8g
Calories - 280

October 22, 2009

Internet love hate

Why do you keep offering yourself to me, little "remember password" button if you will not actually do your job? Every time, I check you, on various sites, you are everywhere, but never do you keep your promises.

Great, and my work computer has a Trojan. Just got another little Auto-Protect diaglog just now with more problematic issues. What is it about sites I go to that keeps getting me a Trojan? I think I may have to blame my Bloglines (or TweetDeck). But No, I cannot give up either!

Also, what is it about Windows\system\32 that likes to get infected?

The word of the day is: canoodle. One should use that word more often. I should also do it more often, but alas, being flu-y, and hack-y and sickly does not lead to candoodling. I am in withdrawal.

Is it tonight yet? Work is just slow and nothing important is happening and is in the way of my great evening. Photoshoot with PunchPhoto tonight (who I haven't actually met but has an office next to an old professor and good friend of mine-small world!) and then rushing to SMCRVA. I hate to be late, but this is the second time I've rescheduled this photoshoot.

October 21, 2009

Not hot

Dear Campbell's: THIS IS NOT CHICKEN

When I had the flu last week, the bf was nice enough to bring me soup. Now this is partially my fault because I didn't specify which kind, so he brought me condensed soup. I haven't eaten condensed soup since I was a kid. I refer to it as the "slimy kind" because Chicken Noodle in this form is always a bit slimy. Well, I didn't want to look a sick horse in the mouth so I ate it anyway. Well I forgot how TERR-EE-BLEY the chicken is. I had to take a picture. I seriously need to mail this to the company bc that is GROSS. I just kept having to fish them out of the broth and line them up along the side of my bowl.

I went through more tissue boxes than this, but I just had to show you how many I threw away in ONE DAY.

On a nicer note, I was feeling a bit better this weekend, so the bf and I got pumpkins and I wasn't really up to carving mine, so he carved his, and we got this lovely bounty of seeds to cook. Last year we burned the life out of the seeds we baked, so I literally checked my oven every 2 minutes to be sure we didn't kill these. Turned out nicely!

Good tasting frozen food

I just had a Smart Ones Flatbread for lunch. It was the one shown here: Chicken Marinara with Mozzarella Cheese. It was amazing. Flavorful, large enough to be filling, not fake-tasting, fast in the microwave, and the bread actually got crispy! (a major feat for zapped food). And it's only 290 calories, 6 g of fat.
I am definitely going to be buying more of these.

October 20, 2009


I always enjoy when the "prove you're not a spam bot and type in this word" are fun, almost-words. I just got snesstess. I think I'm going to collect them and post them here. I collect words. I'm a nerd, I know. If you like that, then check out my Wordie list.

I remember I dated a guy who was being petulant, and I told him so, and he didn't know what it meant. Should have known it wouldn't work out right then. He was an educated guy, too. I suppose that doesn't really mean anything though, because there are lots of dumb, educated people out there. Like the time I found out a highly educated person I know didn't believe in evolution. I tripped all over myself putting my foot in my mouth because I didn't know how to respond to that.

I'm generally bad at the Favorites game (though I do like to play) because I can never pick just one. So as I'm scanning my Wordie list here, I'm just going to post some that I like and don't use that often. Points to you if you know them without looking them up. Ha, fuliginous even daunts Blogger's spellcheck.

noisome (adj)

legerdemain (n)

fuliginous (adj)

ersatz (n)

abscond (v)

October 18, 2009


Sorry all, I've been home sick with the flu all week and haven't done much of anything. I hadn't even had a chance to get my flu shot yet! I never get the flu. The only time I've gotten it as an adult was about 5 years ago when the flu shot was not readily available, and that was in February, not October! Today I'm feeling better (though def still sick with this annoying phlegmy cough), so I'm cleaning up my apt and putting up Halloween decorations. Updates soon, I promise.

October 8, 2009

Everyone loves a Fort

Found this over at Rockstar Diaries, who frequently makes forts anyway. I don't care how old you are, if you liked making forts as a kid (and boy did I--hey, only child--easily amused), then they are always fun.
Here are some submissions from the site:

And one of Taza and Husband's:
I think it is delightful and loving that she and her husband make forts. I want to do this SO BAD.


Tomorrow morning I have a court date to officially become Guardian of my grandmother. This was a 2 month process. You'd think when someone dies, they'd speed it up a little, but nooo. This is out of state, so I'll be doing a lot of driving in a less-than-12-hour span. I have to be somewhere in the evening here on Friday, something I've been looking forward to for months, so please pray to the traffic gods for me. I have to get out of the state no later than 1pm so I don't hit Beltway rush hour.

October 6, 2009

Rob Lowe rides a chair

I love Rob Lowe. He is on my short list of people whose babies I'd want to have (and I don't really want to have babies).

He never ages, plays a Democrat as well as Republican, and makes me swoon.

He was on The Ellen Show, and she plays some pranks on him. Only happiness can ensue:

Rob Lowe vs The Hawaii Chair

October 5, 2009


This is genius. Regretsy makes fun of the ugly and nonsense things people post for sale on the well-loved indie online retailer, Etsy.

It's only 3 pages long right now, but I can see the potential. Currently, the site include Pokeman menstrual pads, vulva jewelry, Michael Jackson commemorative baseballs, and a CROCHETED MEERKAT NATIVITY

This is so odd.

FU, allergies.

I have the worstworst allergies today. I feel like I contstantly need to sneeze, there's pressure right behind my nose and eyes, and my eyes keep watering. I'm in my office and took my Zyrtec as per normal today. This is making me miserable. What gives, Universe?

Have some pretty pictures instead, mostly of food, since this is the time of morning when I get hungry again and crave sweets.

Don't those Oreos look luscious? I love Oreos. This is why I don't shop at Ellwood Thompson's. Give me my high fructose corn syrup and processed sugar!

Two of my favorite things: caake and glitter!

I love breakfast, so a cartoon about it? Even better.

Piles and piles of Gelato.

(photos from Daily Pep)

October 4, 2009


Weekend breakfast: egg and cheese with mixed greens on wheat English Muffin. French press coffee in my grandma's ship mug.