May 28, 2010

Oh summer


These photos make me want to be blond

Matt Jones for ELLE Italia March 2010

Matt Jones for Marie Claire US May 2010

(All Images From DDD)

Amber Heard by Guy Aroch - French Revue de Modes Spring 2010

May 26, 2010


I want to be this woman. I need to get out of Richmond for awhile. Hopefully this weekend going to Deltaville. Then my cousin's graduation party in MD. I need a weekend away something bad.

Give me road trip ideas people. For 2-3 day trips away. What's driveable and back in that amount of time that I should visit? Where are cool/affordable places to stay?

The Listening Room--bluesy folk

Last night was my first time at The Listening Room, a grassroots local movement for an intimate gathering to hear music, in the basement of a building attached to St. James' Episcopal Church. Blogger friends had written about it before, and a friend told me last week about this one, so I dove out of VLPP a little early last night to attend. I'm so glad I did.

The room had over 100 people in it, with standing room only, which apparently was the biggest crowd TLR has ever had. The first trio, Brown Bird, was amazing. Seriously wow. They were folksy and bluesy and from Rhode Island (never would have thought this kind of music would be from RI). I was lucky to be surrounded by music geek friends and everyone in the room truly appreciated the music. One guy sang lead, played guitar, and played a homemade drum set of sorts. I was flabbergasted that he could keep 4 different things going at once. His voice was scratchy and strong and full of emotion. The woman sang, played guitar, cello, and violin and was great to watch. The third member was playing a dobro, which I'd never seen before but am told is a popular blues instrument. It's like playing a guitar on it's side, with strings higher off the frets, and plugged in. It has a such a honeyed, high sound. Their songs were intricate and enjoyable.

The poor musicians were melting under the hot garage-like lights. Someone needs to work on better lighting for next time--that was just cruel. The second group, Homemade Knives, had 5 members, and the sound was much more mellow.  I didn't know an accordian could sound pretty. The singer admitted he was nervous, but did himself a disservice because, while I totally relate to stage fright, the more you tell us that you aren't any good, the more likely we are to start to believe it. His voice was clear and strong and twangy with no hint of nervousness. RVA Magazine has an in-depth interview with one of the musicians from the band. It's got great insight into their personality.

It was wild to hear these all fairly young musicians sing and play with such emotion. The lyrics were so smart, but old soul.

Brown Bird was definitely my favorite. I even considered buying a CD, had I brought money, but my friend got the vinyl so I"ll be able to hear it again. Clearly a requirement for male membership in a folk band that night was to have a full-on beard, and the room was full of hipsters, but also had quite a few older participants and non hipsters like me.

We finished the night up with a lovely walk to Cous Cous for a nightcap and some conversation. They have a fun cocktail menu and I got a Pimm's Cup, something I've been talking about lately. It was very sweet. I love my city.

May 25, 2010

suuuper f**cker

Love this image (Aesthetic Outburst)

I have too many design blogs on my Bloglines and when they cap at 200 posts, it's intimidating to even start reading them, because I don't want to miss anything. I finally started digging through Aesthetic Outburst today and have been "mark as new" ing nearly every post so far to look back on again. That's a sign of a good blog.

Today is a day of stupid questions. Can it just hurry up and be 7:30 so I can listen to music and have coffee and pastry with good friends? It's so intimidating to know that I have to get through 2 jobs before I can even do that today.

(From Superbomba)

I had a catch and played frisbee on Sunday on top of my normal gym workout and now I can't move my arms. But in good news, a female coworker friend told me that I was looking particularly fit yesterday (even when I didn't feel it), so that was a nice ego boost. I WILL be fit for summer. I was looking at photos of me from the Kugel Ball from '08 and DAMN I was nice and skinny. I want that back. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, eh?

Superbomba makes me think of the song Superf**ker by a Venezuelan band called Los Amigos Invisibles. I still laugh that the CD I own, The Venezuelan Zinga Son Vol.1 has an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on it because of that song. It's the perfect summer breezy party CD. It's loungey and Latin and electronic and fun.

May 24, 2010

hott on a Monday evening

 I am the girl you won't admit you adore
(My Daily Style)
Music by Esthero

I'm finally uploading to my Lookbook all the images I've been saving on my fashion Bloglines. Fashion spreads, streetstyle images, and real style bloggers. The images are all pretty hot, especially these few here. It's getting me a little hot and bothered, I must admit. Pair that with a quiet evening with cool breeze in my apartment, light rain, and loungey music, and woo-ha.

(A Glamorous Little Side Project)

Black is the colour of my true love's hair
His lips are like some roses fair
He has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands
I love the ground, where on he stands

Black is the Colour--by The Corrs

What odd lyrics but the song is so sweet and bittersweet.

(Vogue Italia October 2007)

(A Glamorous Little Side Project)

Stepped off the train, I'm walking down your street again
I passed your door, but you don't live here anymore

It's years since you've been there
And now you've disappeard somewhere
You got a space. You found some better place
And I miss you...

Missing--Everything But The Girl

May 18, 2010

Ghostbusters improv

Okay, I smiled SO HARD at this. LOVE.

Color Me Katie is such an uplifting and positive blog. She participates with something called Improv Everywhere where they do crazy/fun things and video them. In this one, people dress up like ghosts and go through the NY Public library and then the Ghostbusters come in and try to capture them. Go to the site to watch the video, it will make your day.

(photo from Color Me Katie)

May-updated Richmond restaurant food & drink specials

Updated Fall 2010 Here

My list of Richmond restaurant food and drink specials has been updated (and is updated fairly frequently) here.

I'm working on getting active links to the locations and menus as well, so check back often.

When the Internet is your friend

Daily Pep Talk is usually correct

It's fine. Forget it.
Pep talk: Whatever you did, it can't be that bad or wrong. I'm sure everyone else was too busy thinking of their own drama to even notice your mistake. Your secret is safe, it's not a big deal, and anyway it's been over for, like, 27 hours by now. Moving on.
Today remind yourself: It's fine. Forget it
Any minute now.
Pep talk: Be patient. No really. Chill the fuck out. Everything that is meant to happen will. It just takes time. You’re a speed demon and the universe needs a second to catch up with you but, when it does, you’ll get everything you need.
Today remind yourself: Any minute now

Your job is not your life. (this one is especially hard for me to remember)
Pep talk: Let’s talk worst case scenarios, shall we? Let’s say you really fuck up and get fired, what then? You pack your shit and get out of there, that’s what. Then you hold your head high and remember that that job didn’t define you. Then you forgive yourself for your mistakes and you try to improve. Then you hunt for a new job, one that makes you happy. Then you keep on living your fabulous life. You may not love any job you ever have, but you have so much going for you that a shitty gig can’t hold you back. You are fantastic and don’t you forget it.
Today remind yourself: My job is not my life.

can you see me?

I feel like this picture is a good indicator of my mood. Dark and stormy in the background, but those cheery flowers are shining.

I am in a weird mood and do not wish to be, so I am spending my morning looking through my Wordnik list of vocab words, hungrily eating up the images on Sandra Juto's site, drinking coffee, and writing. It's always strange when someone tries to analyze you, especially if you feel like they are analyzing you wrong, or even scarily--correctly. Maybe this is why most people like to surround themselves with familiar people. Much as I like meeting new people and making new friends, it's scary, because then you have to be on, you have to try to establish a connection, get them to see the real you. I don't let people in easily, though when I really do connect with someone, it's easy to. I don't volunteer parts of myself, but I share easily if asked in the right way.

Here, have some words:
ersatz: adjective. Being an imitation or a substitute, usually an inferior one; artificial

sylph: noun. A slim, graceful woman or girl.

renege: intransitive verb. To fail to carry out a promise or commitment (I didn't know how to spell this for the longest time).

aplomb: noun. Self-confident assurance; poise

May 17, 2010


I read a lot of fashion bloggers, but one I've been reading for a long time is The Clothes Horse. She often posts little animated GIFs of her doing things and I think they are quite charming. Click on over to her site to see the one above, which is a fave.

I just napped at my desk on my lunch break and actually started to dream. I would really like to go home and cuddle up with someone or something soft and warm, listen to the rain, and take a nap.

Fitness, Free, Food

I am proud of myself for being in a fitness kick right now. I, with horror, discovered I'd let myself get a little too squishy over the winter when I went dress shopping for my birthday. Even my arms were flabby, which is SO not acceptable, so I've been going to the gym more regularly and watching my food better. I hate working out but I love the feeling of being strong, of feeling kick-ass, of being in shape, so usually once I get started, it's easier to continue. I am relishing the idea of being toned and sexy again. Of course I tend to overdo it the first few times, so now my back muscles are screaming at me. I'm going to take it as a sign of progress that my abs no longer are the ones so sore it hurts to laugh. Not that I'm close to having a six-pack, but it's an ideal. I love good abs, on girls or guys. I'm just not willing to give up the bread and cheese and beer required to have them.

Went to see the Youth Sympony Orchestra at the Carpenter Center last night. I love that my city has so many things going on, and I can see orchestral music for free. (Thanks, Style Weekly for the notice). I probably will never get to sit that close to the stage again. I love the crazy colors and decor of that theatre. My coworker asked me this morning how I find out about all these cool things, and I told her about Style (I'm always amazed when people don't know about Style, but then, I guess I'm probably more active than the average person). I should probably be telling her to go to the site I write for instead, (well, only as it relates to food).

The violin looks like such an easy instrument, but of course it isn't, that just means that the musician is good at it. I remember a guy from another school at a leadership conference I went to in high school could play violin, and even then, it was the hottest thing ever (well, 10th grade hot, before we really knew what hot was). Girls are always suckers for musicians, aren't we? Throw in singing too? Sold.

It's slow at work because we are in between semesters, and while I guess I shouldn't complain, I like,nay, need to be busy. I should use the opportunity to pay bills and write, but I'm not wanting to live in the real world at the moment after the great weeks and weekends I've had lately.

May 7, 2010


Aren't we all excited at how well Pacey has grown into a man? He's a gorgeous specimen. And Diane is beautiful and classy too, though I often think her makeup is too severe.

May 1, 2010

Want to go there

I wish these guys lived here so we could be friends. I want to live this life too. Or really, I want to visit whatever country they're in and live with them for awhile.

Sandra Juto has the most amazing photos.