May 25, 2010

suuuper f**cker

Love this image (Aesthetic Outburst)

I have too many design blogs on my Bloglines and when they cap at 200 posts, it's intimidating to even start reading them, because I don't want to miss anything. I finally started digging through Aesthetic Outburst today and have been "mark as new" ing nearly every post so far to look back on again. That's a sign of a good blog.

Today is a day of stupid questions. Can it just hurry up and be 7:30 so I can listen to music and have coffee and pastry with good friends? It's so intimidating to know that I have to get through 2 jobs before I can even do that today.

(From Superbomba)

I had a catch and played frisbee on Sunday on top of my normal gym workout and now I can't move my arms. But in good news, a female coworker friend told me that I was looking particularly fit yesterday (even when I didn't feel it), so that was a nice ego boost. I WILL be fit for summer. I was looking at photos of me from the Kugel Ball from '08 and DAMN I was nice and skinny. I want that back. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, eh?

Superbomba makes me think of the song Superf**ker by a Venezuelan band called Los Amigos Invisibles. I still laugh that the CD I own, The Venezuelan Zinga Son Vol.1 has an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on it because of that song. It's the perfect summer breezy party CD. It's loungey and Latin and electronic and fun.

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