November 30, 2009

Just a bit

Sneak peek

Critical Mass

This is just a small representation of how crazed my apartment looks while I put up Christmas decorations and try to hide everything else in my small apartment. The amount of stuff I have in here, after emptying out my grandma's house, has reached critical mass.

The coffee and peppermint bark are there as a snack on this cold, rainy night as I put lights on my tree. Perfection.


I'm not going to list all the obvious, boring things I'm thankful for. Those are all the same for most people. Be more original.

Instead, here are some fun and unusual things:

Bloglines-to allow me to read them better
Sparkly things
Christmas lights
Random acts of kindess
New friends that stay friends
People who aren't flaky
An apartment all my own, drafts and all
Sour candy
Hosting parties
Organic milk (because it lasts 4x as long)
The smell of coffee
VA going non smoking in bars/restaurants
Unseasonably warm days
Reality TV
A reliable car
Hair straighteners
The fall smell

November 17, 2009

Sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from

Blogger Liebemarlene Vintage (I almost wrote, "my friend", even though I don't know her. The blogs I've been reading everyday feel like real friends) posted the most lovely video and I just had to link to it. Her boyfriend Drew filmed it. She likes to go on adventures to antique shops, historic sites, and countrysides in her state of Georgia, and often takes photographs, but this is the first video. I watched it just now on my lunch break and got lost in it for a few minutes. I didn't want it to end. It is so dreamy and warm. I just wanted to curl up and take a nap out there in that sunlight.

Nolan house from Drew Tyndell on Vimeo.

November 14, 2009

Fall in the city

These photos were taken by a blogger I enjoy reading, Rockstar Diaries. I think she's editing them to make them look more "vintagey" but I dig the coloring. These are from Capitol Hill in DC, but the city is similar enough to Richmond that it is like looking at my own neighborhood. Somehow she must have found a break in the Nor'easter that has been drowning the Eastern Seaboard all week. I have 2 new leaks in my apt, one which I just noticed has definitely gotten worse, and there is ugly staining from the water damage. GAR.

I love how the stairs are worn but someone still adorned them with teeny pumpkins on each step

A Single Man

Ooh I want to see this. A Single Man. Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode.

Julianne is gorgeous here, and I always like her in movies. Matthew Goode has been a crush since Chasing Liberty (who, sadly, isn't even billed on the first page of the entry in IMDB). Colin Firth is always watchable, and I'm a sucker for the Brits. I'm intrigued by the coloring here, the costumes, the sixties vibe, and the idea of personal conflict over a VERY taboo thing in that time.

November 13, 2009

Shoe Lust

This is the perfect site for me, a blog that just posts hot/great/fab/weird shoes.
Shoe Lust

Very sleek, dominatrix. Hot, but with that heel, very difficult for wearing.

This is like an origami shoe. So interesting. Great varied textures

So whimsical and full of fantasy. I want a pair like this

You know I like anything sparkly. These are also mysterious and fancy

I don't like this look, but I saved the photo as a reminder of what one can do with socks and sheer stockings with open shoes.

Colorful confetti pallietes

This is liquid hot. Liquid leggings and thick pointy leather shoes? Yes please.

I love beading. This is so rich and I bet it feels neat to the touch.

So odd, yet so alluring.

Love magenta, satin, and gold. Plus sequins. Yes.

This is from The Glamourai, who I read regularly. She is so original and added some chain jewelry to her shoes/ankles and I LOVE this effect. I also want a pair of suede pumps something awful.

November 12, 2009

New crack

I found my new crack. This stuff is amazing. 50c at Kroger

November 8, 2009

Fantasy Party

Inspired by The Clothes Horse, an interview about my dream party. Though this is not so far from what one of my parties looks like IRL.

What type of party is it?
Since the holidays are coming up, it’d be a fancy party, complete with party dresses, hot shoes, good hair, men in dapper suits, and sequins.

Who is invited?
All the usual suspects, as this will be my 6th annual holiday party. I always try to invite some new friends as well.

Where does it take place?
A penthouse condo overlooking the city, so we could see the downtown buildings lit up for the holidays and peer over all of the lights of nighttime. There’d be an outdoor deck with candles and paper lanterns since it will undoubtedly be an unseasonably warm evening.

What are we eating/drinking?
Gruyere and other assorted cheeses. Gourmet pizza. The fantastic veggie thing my friend always makes. All kinds of chocolate and holiday goodies. Holiday-themed cocktails, like a poinsettia cocktail or peppermint schnapps martini. Wassail.

Who gets to sit next to you? And why?
Whoever the newest invitee is. I like to make everyone feel welcome and give them tidbits about my other friends so they have an in and can feel comfortable.

What is the theme or what is everyone wearing?
Holiday-inspired clothing. Jewel tones, sparkles, crisp lines. Tall-tall shoes.

Are there party favors?
Fancy wine glasses with holiday colors, a mix of Christmas music made by me. Homemade desserts and ornaments.

What are the hot topics of the evening?
The Virginia elections. Where everyone is traveling and spending the holidays. Inside jokes. How fantastic my party is. How lovely everyone looks. Flirting and storytelling and laughing and drinking.

Who is most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?

Me or Daniel.

Who is the last to leave?
Everyone. An ideal party is when everyone stays up til the wee hours talking and laughing.

Oh yeah, and all this brainstorming makes me super-excited for the holidays. I'm totally listening to Christmas music right now. Actually, listening to the Christmas CD I made all my holiday party goers from last year. Can't wait for this one!