November 13, 2009

Shoe Lust

This is the perfect site for me, a blog that just posts hot/great/fab/weird shoes.
Shoe Lust

Very sleek, dominatrix. Hot, but with that heel, very difficult for wearing.

This is like an origami shoe. So interesting. Great varied textures

So whimsical and full of fantasy. I want a pair like this

You know I like anything sparkly. These are also mysterious and fancy

I don't like this look, but I saved the photo as a reminder of what one can do with socks and sheer stockings with open shoes.

Colorful confetti pallietes

This is liquid hot. Liquid leggings and thick pointy leather shoes? Yes please.

I love beading. This is so rich and I bet it feels neat to the touch.

So odd, yet so alluring.

Love magenta, satin, and gold. Plus sequins. Yes.

This is from The Glamourai, who I read regularly. She is so original and added some chain jewelry to her shoes/ankles and I LOVE this effect. I also want a pair of suede pumps something awful.

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  1. hey great shoes!!!! i love shoes tooooo and I am waiting for my roberto cavallis to come today and I will do a post on them the mean time check out my site with some great trends that include shoes :D