August 29, 2009

Gauchos and French women when sick

I keep telling myself I need to make a list of wines I like and carry it with me bc I never remember what I liked when I get to the grocery store. I think by photographing them here, I'll also have a visual reminder. Last night I wanted wine, and knew I liked Malbecs, so I felt safe in trying this one, on sale for $7.99 at Kroger (cheaper than both my favorite Malbecs there).
Gaucho Spur
Espuela Del Gaucho
Malbec (Mendoza) 2007

The bottle says flavors rich in plums and cherries with notes of vanilla and chocolate.

I enjoyed it, but nothing stood out to me. It was a satisfying wine. Disclaimer, I am also sick, so my taste buds were not in top form.


Watched Practical Magic on TV this morning. I'm not a movie person, so when I will watch a movie several times, you know I like it. Such a great story, and Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are great together as sisters. Besides, who doesn't like a movie about magic? And with Stockard Channing?

Last night I watched The Dreamers, upon review from a blogger and medical student from Romania, I read: Cinnamon & Coffee. (Warning, there's a NSFW image below)

It was a very strange movie, and I think the difference in cultural norms and mores between her part of the world and mine show through in my (and my watching companion's) reactions to the movie vs her glowing review. It was overtly sexual (surprise, was a NC-17 rating) and there were odd themes of inappropriate brother/sister behavior and a bit of homosexuality. One of the leads looked so familiar to me, and I couldn't place him, so I had to turn to trusty IMDB to find out that he was Henry in Dawson's Creek! I knew I knew him. Well Henry's all grown up in this movie! He also eerily resembles Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. Also, Eva Green is beautiful, her face at once childlike and mature beyond her years in the film. She's also so, French.

There's a part in the movie where Eva's character dresses like the Venus de Milo, and it's very realistic looking.

August 28, 2009

Polka dotted legs

Photo from Kate Spade (via MyStylePill)

I love those polka dot tights and the ladylike pea-coat. I will have to look for some new tights for fall. I don't take good care of my tights, mostly because I hate wrangling with them in the winter, and they inevitably get holes in them. Right now they're a tangled heap at the bottom of my laundry bc as soon as it got warm, I was like FU-tights, and didn't care anymore.

I don't tend to take as good care of my off season clothes as I should (like dry-cleaning my wool coats and sweaters--but I don't believe in dry cleaning-I don't understand how it possibly could work). I got a waaaay cheap super soft cashmere sweater ($10!) from Old Navy that's just stuffed in a drawer and I cannot somehow be bothered to wash or freeze it so the moths don't get at it, yet I"m heartbroken over thinking it will get holes and be ruined. Life is so much work sometimes. I am often frozen by inaction, and I HATE that about myself, yet I still do it.

Mesmerizing beat

I don't post videos often. I'm not a big video watcher, so when I do, it means it really impressed me. I was mesmerized while watching this.

The flamenco dancers were an unusual choice, but they fit perfectly with the propelling beat of the music. Wearing all black is also unusual to see on a dancer of this kind. And at the end, it was fantastical as well. So good

From Down and Out Chic

Sick but pretty

I've been sick this week, so sorry for the lack of updates. Here are some pretty pictures in the meantime. From Daily Pep Talk.

What a great shot. Love the lights on the train, and the lightning.

Don't those look cozy and warm?

I want a porch that looks like this. It's so airy and the black & white is a nice contrast to the purple and blond colored wood.

August 23, 2009

Wii ski and sleep

I am not impressed with the first 5 pages of so-called stylish people on Chictopia. It doesn't usually take me 5 pages to find someone I'd consider stylish, but I guess like all things, this is cyclical. It's funny what people consider stylish. Skinny is definitely one of them, which I have to agree with even though I don't like it. An outfit, even if not that spectacular, looks great when you have legs for days.

I took a short trip out of town this weekend to see an old friend from college who moved out of state and was back visiting. We did crafts and played Wii and stayed up late talking like girlfriends should do and man do I miss that. I need more girlfriends. We played a skiing/snowboarding game with the Wii Fit, which was a lot of fun with the board reading your movements side to side while you skied. I love that the Wii is the first social gaming system. It's just as much fun to watch as it is to play, and everyone can be involved. I laughed so hard that I cried while watching her try to figure out some of the moves. I love laughing til I cry. I needed that. With all of the stress I've had lately, it felt good to laugh really hard. It's impossible to be in a bad mood while watching/playing Wii. Gotta figure out a way to play more often. I know lots of people with gaming systems, but it seems hard to get together. I love Rock Band, and lots of people I know have it, I guess it's just hard to make plans.
Here's the black sheep I cut out and sewed together out of felt.

I really miss staying up late chatting. We talked about relationships and travel and religion and society and politics and sociology and man do I miss having someone to talk soc with.

I think work has really been taking a toll on me, since I slept most of the weekend. While I am a sleeper, it's unusual for me to sleep this much and be this tired.

Also, my new upstairs neighbors need to learn how to walk lighter. Would it be passiveagressivenotes of me to leave a note asking them to pay attention to how they move in their own home?

Ha, one of the words of the day over at Urban Dictionary is blinker beat

When the tic-toc of the blinkers [on a car] syncs with the music playing on the car radio.

Dude, check it out, I got blinker beat happening on this Jay-Z song.

I didn't know there was a term, but I so notice this. Love!

August 18, 2009

Corn Salad

I found a recipe for corn salad awhile back and it was really yummy (and I never follow recipes). That particular recipe called for feta, but I didn't have any so I improvised.

1 can of corn
chopped mozzarella
chopped red, green, banana peppers
1 tablespoon pepper to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil

Multi grain baguette
Olive oil+Italian dressing
South African wine from last night

I've been having bad dreams nearly every night for a long time now. I'm not sure what to think of that. I always have very detailed, very strange dreams, but more often than not, they are bad ones. I do believe that dreams are the subconscious and the brain's way of working out issues, but it's not as though the dreams are always about the same thing. I know I have been stressed with work, and the death of my father, and handling my grandmother's estate, so I suppose that's to be expected.

Last night I dreamt that I smuggled my cat, Kia to a foreign country, where I rendezvoused with my married ex (save that analyzation for later), and then I realized that I couldn't smuggle my cat back into the country because customs would kill her, and woke up thinking I had killed the only thing in my life that gives me unconditional love, and I was really upset. Plus, I couldn't find her when I got up this morning--she was hiding behind the couch.

August 17, 2009

Night Photog in RVA

Took photos with my new Holga Saturday night with the RVA photography meetup. It was a clever idea, meet up and walk/drive to specified points around town to take photos at night. Found a cool new lookout of downtown from the southside flood wall, and realized the platform at the James Monroe building is open to the public after hours and is a direct shot of Main Street Station. I had some donated b/w film, one of which had no exposure information on it, so I have no idea if any of it came out. I prefer color though. I turned it in to Richmond Camera today so we'll see how the negatives come out. Film is a bi*ch, let me tell you. We have all gotten so used to digital and instant gratification that film shooting was surprisingly unsatisfying, especially amongst 20 other folks with serious DSLR equipment and tripods.
I did get some cool acid-camera pics with my point-and-shoot digital
Warehouse/factory on Southside

A warehouse on the Southside

A shadow of a rusty structure at Rockett's Landing
Passenger bridge on the floodwall
A Manchester apt bldg

Green and Black

I post my outfit photos on another site, but sometimes I like to show them here. I thrifted this green seersucker skirt recently, and love it for summer with a white blouse, but wanted to wear it differently today. I tried it with a purple since it is green's complement on the color wheel, but it was too strange. So then I tried another neutral, black. Black just seemed too harsh, but I think it worked out okay. I still like white better. I'm open to other suggestions.

Black swing jacket-Target
Black tee-Target
White beaded necklace-grandma's
Green/white skirt-Fantastic Thrift
Black pumps-grandma's

South African Wine

Only had one glass left in my trusty Norton Malbec tonight and wanted more (even bought bread to have with olive oil), so back in the car to Kroger I went to get another bottle of wine. Didn't want to spend more than $8-9, so I decided to try a new wine, partly based on the sale, partly based on Kroger's recs. They dubbed this one a "Great Value." I like Merlot, I like South African wines I've had so far. The description grabbed me: ripe cherry, plum, and dark chocolate. Kroger's description said "plummy" which I like in wine. I don't like too dry or spicy. This one said it had a hint of smoke, but I can't detect it. Probably because I rarely drink wine with food. I prefer it as an aperitif or a stand-alone. It's a screw cap, which people tend to associate with low quality, though I distinctly remember Ted from Queer Eye saying that's a common misconception because cork is not exactly the most advanced technology, and that screw top is actually more secure. But I think there's something special about using a corkscrew and extracting the cork, probably because we don't do it everyday.
Indaba Merlot 2008
South Africa

August 13, 2009



Childhood is calling

(from Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend)

I was such a nerd as a kid. I loved Square One. An internet search tells me James Earl Jones was even on the show. He's in everything. Mathman anyone? Goes to look more things up...The tornado! Yes! wow.

OMG, I totally remember Angle Dance!


Riiiiight. Because THIS is what you wear for Back to School. NOT

Fabulous Fashion Bloggers

Just found Zoelulu. This romper is adorable. And it's thrifted. I'm always amazed at girls that can pull off hats. I look ridic in any hats. I like her sweet braid in the second photo. I wish I could be bothered to spend time doing different things to my hair in the mornings.

It's funny how all the fashion bloggers I follow, all follow the same ones too. It's a small world, even on the Internets. I added both these ladies to my bloglines.

She really makes it look like couture, when often her piece are from Old Navy, Forever 21, or Payless, which are totally things I'd wear. I'd NEVER have guessed any of what she's wearing was any of those brands. She's also a doppleganger for Mischa Barton.
This whole look cost $8! No way.

To the rescue

My coworker just made my day. No one else in my area drinks coffee, and it turns out, the cafe at my job is closed right now. I was desperate for coffee and she let me have 2 cups! I feel much more sane now. I can't deal with snarky, lazy students without coffee. Hopefully the madness ends soon because I would like my life back. I don't like barely being able to get out of bed in the morning and dreading work bc I know it will be non stop talking all day.

August 11, 2009

Post-It Office Love

(Via A Cup of Jo)


My friend Nick gave me some cucumbers he grew in his yard, so I made a wrap today for lunch with them, fresh mozzarella, cut up wasabi almonds, and Italian dressing. Yum.

To eat today:
Kroger Strawberry Crunch Flake Cereal +Skim Milk
Pack of PB and Cheese Crackers
Cuke wrap

August 10, 2009

Snowflake Curtain

It is odd to be posting about making snowflakes when today was above 100 degrees and the hottest day of the year, but I just found a cool idea in the photo above. Last Christmas, my friends and I made paper snowflakes at my party, and then we put them up on my living room window, and they stayed all through the holiday season. They filtered light nicely and covered enough of the window that I didn't really have to close the blinds. Well this year, I'm definitely going to try making a snowflake curtain like Bugs and Fishes did here. Look at that, it's amazing.

I just realized I took like, no photos of my beautiful handmade snowflake window. Here's it in the early stages with my cat, looking angered by the whole thing

Party idea?

(Click for bigger)

From Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend

This gives me an idea for my next party--perhaps TV show themed. I haven't ever done anything like that.

Sucker for Sequins

I know, I know, I've put myself on shoe-buying embargo for awhile now, but these look SO SPARKLY, and you know I can't say no to sequins. They are at Charlotte Russe, so I'm skeptical bc man, they make some cheap a$$ uncomfortable shoes. I may have to sneak by on my way home from work and see them up close.


I got a HOLGA! Eeee. It was a very nice welcome-home present after a crappy week. Here's a photo of it with my donated film, courtesy of a friend of my friend. Jessica Simpson's creepy eyes on my new Glamour are also there to watch you. Took my first photos on Friday, and I'll get the roll back tomorrow. Holgas are known for being unpredictable in their finishing, with light leaks, vignette framing, saturated colours, and multiple exposures, which makes them very fun, but I don't know how mine will act yet.

Taking pictures of a film camera with a digital camera to put on the Internet--META.

In other, news, I am currently hanging on a wall in a local art show. Wait, how, you ask? Well, actually, this cubist-influenced portrait of me is in the art show. By a guy I used to date, and I had no idea I was in the show, bc the drawing is from 4 years ago, and we lost touch. But I always liked his art, and damn if being in a show isn't pretty cool.
Girl, Cross-Dimensional View
It looks a wee bit creepy (prob the teeth) but I thought it was cool that he sees things in different angles and perspectives.

August 8, 2009

wasting time on the Internets

I should be cleaning my house for having people over tomorrow but instead I'm drooling over fashion online. I like these 2 photos from Le Blog de Betty. Her face and hair are beautiful, and she puts some weird clothing combos together. I share her love of sparkles and jewelry, but often I just don't get her style choices--but she always looks chic. Being beautiful helps, for sure.


We found even more rings in my grandma's house. She was the queen of jewelry, and is the reason for my love of all nice things. I LOVE all these. I gave a few to my mom but kept most of the shinest ones.

I heart rhinestones, esp in turquoise and purple. Look how cute that owl one is!

This big silver one with the blue stone--Joe swears it is a horcrux.

Photos from home

Being back "home" at my beach is nice, for a few days anyway. Then it's just lonely without someone else to share it with. I tried to make up for it by taking pictures. These are from a new home store:

These grafitti lamps I actually saw months ago on the web.

This is a cork lamp. It looks cool and weird in this shot

I love beach decor, so I liked this coral box

Glass sailboat votive holders. Much prettier than my camera captured them

This is a margarita and chips from my favorite Mexican place. I go every time I'm home.

They give you a little plastic animal with each drink. The server went to hs with me and I told her about my dad, so she brought my second drink out with one of every animal they had in it. I laughed and was very appreciative, since I collect them for my plastic menagerie. I thought it was a sweet, simple gesture.

I went out one night for happy hour to get out of my house and went to a local bar with a friendly bartender I met last time I was home and a chill atmosphere. He was great-- very Irish, named Chester, and we talked about my dad, family, our town, etc. Then 2 ladies sat next to me at the bar, around my mother's age, and we started up conversation. We ended up talking the whole night, and really bonded. They were both very sweet and even ended up paying my tab, which they totally didn't have to do, and was very nice. Then my old driver's ed teacher and his wife sat down at the other side of me, and we all chatted for awhile. (It really is a small town). I had managed to get a parking ticket (was 5 minutes late putting more $ in the stupid meter), and they took it from me and insisted on paying. I was truly overwhelmed with all the support from mere strangers, and it definitely made my night.
The ladies and I then went next door to a new place to get some food. We had garlic and parmesean fries and a BLT flatbread pizza. They tasted like heaven, probably because I was drunk.
We met Stephanie the bartender there, a friendly and pretty gal who'd recently moved to the East Coast from SoCal. This is a photo of her with Cindy, one of the women.

I had a grand time, and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you ladies, for that night.