August 17, 2009

Night Photog in RVA

Took photos with my new Holga Saturday night with the RVA photography meetup. It was a clever idea, meet up and walk/drive to specified points around town to take photos at night. Found a cool new lookout of downtown from the southside flood wall, and realized the platform at the James Monroe building is open to the public after hours and is a direct shot of Main Street Station. I had some donated b/w film, one of which had no exposure information on it, so I have no idea if any of it came out. I prefer color though. I turned it in to Richmond Camera today so we'll see how the negatives come out. Film is a bi*ch, let me tell you. We have all gotten so used to digital and instant gratification that film shooting was surprisingly unsatisfying, especially amongst 20 other folks with serious DSLR equipment and tripods.
I did get some cool acid-camera pics with my point-and-shoot digital
Warehouse/factory on Southside

A warehouse on the Southside

A shadow of a rusty structure at Rockett's Landing
Passenger bridge on the floodwall
A Manchester apt bldg

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