August 17, 2009

South African Wine

Only had one glass left in my trusty Norton Malbec tonight and wanted more (even bought bread to have with olive oil), so back in the car to Kroger I went to get another bottle of wine. Didn't want to spend more than $8-9, so I decided to try a new wine, partly based on the sale, partly based on Kroger's recs. They dubbed this one a "Great Value." I like Merlot, I like South African wines I've had so far. The description grabbed me: ripe cherry, plum, and dark chocolate. Kroger's description said "plummy" which I like in wine. I don't like too dry or spicy. This one said it had a hint of smoke, but I can't detect it. Probably because I rarely drink wine with food. I prefer it as an aperitif or a stand-alone. It's a screw cap, which people tend to associate with low quality, though I distinctly remember Ted from Queer Eye saying that's a common misconception because cork is not exactly the most advanced technology, and that screw top is actually more secure. But I think there's something special about using a corkscrew and extracting the cork, probably because we don't do it everyday.
Indaba Merlot 2008
South Africa

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