August 10, 2009


I got a HOLGA! Eeee. It was a very nice welcome-home present after a crappy week. Here's a photo of it with my donated film, courtesy of a friend of my friend. Jessica Simpson's creepy eyes on my new Glamour are also there to watch you. Took my first photos on Friday, and I'll get the roll back tomorrow. Holgas are known for being unpredictable in their finishing, with light leaks, vignette framing, saturated colours, and multiple exposures, which makes them very fun, but I don't know how mine will act yet.

Taking pictures of a film camera with a digital camera to put on the Internet--META.

In other, news, I am currently hanging on a wall in a local art show. Wait, how, you ask? Well, actually, this cubist-influenced portrait of me is in the art show. By a guy I used to date, and I had no idea I was in the show, bc the drawing is from 4 years ago, and we lost touch. But I always liked his art, and damn if being in a show isn't pretty cool.
Girl, Cross-Dimensional View
It looks a wee bit creepy (prob the teeth) but I thought it was cool that he sees things in different angles and perspectives.

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