June 28, 2009


It seems a shame that the ones on the Internet posting all the wild ideas and photos and comments are not yet adults but I suppose that makes sense bc they are young and impressionable and unbreakable and full of adventure and longing and now I just feel old. I want to stay up all night and talk with bonfires and drinking and smiling and laughing and inside jokes and dancing and maybe breaking some things and sharing and loving and feeling alive and piling of bodies into a bed and sleepovers and ocean and smells and nightime and moons and mornings and sunshine streaming in the windows and breakfast and memories and knowing that today you get another day to do it all over again. To do whatever you want.

I can't wait to see this movie. Did I mention I want to be Zooey Deschanel? If i try hard enough I can pretend to look a little like her. Maybe I'll cut my bangs shorter and get blue contacts.