August 28, 2009

Polka dotted legs

Photo from Kate Spade (via MyStylePill)

I love those polka dot tights and the ladylike pea-coat. I will have to look for some new tights for fall. I don't take good care of my tights, mostly because I hate wrangling with them in the winter, and they inevitably get holes in them. Right now they're a tangled heap at the bottom of my laundry bc as soon as it got warm, I was like FU-tights, and didn't care anymore.

I don't tend to take as good care of my off season clothes as I should (like dry-cleaning my wool coats and sweaters--but I don't believe in dry cleaning-I don't understand how it possibly could work). I got a waaaay cheap super soft cashmere sweater ($10!) from Old Navy that's just stuffed in a drawer and I cannot somehow be bothered to wash or freeze it so the moths don't get at it, yet I"m heartbroken over thinking it will get holes and be ruined. Life is so much work sometimes. I am often frozen by inaction, and I HATE that about myself, yet I still do it.

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