August 23, 2009

Wii ski and sleep

I am not impressed with the first 5 pages of so-called stylish people on Chictopia. It doesn't usually take me 5 pages to find someone I'd consider stylish, but I guess like all things, this is cyclical. It's funny what people consider stylish. Skinny is definitely one of them, which I have to agree with even though I don't like it. An outfit, even if not that spectacular, looks great when you have legs for days.

I took a short trip out of town this weekend to see an old friend from college who moved out of state and was back visiting. We did crafts and played Wii and stayed up late talking like girlfriends should do and man do I miss that. I need more girlfriends. We played a skiing/snowboarding game with the Wii Fit, which was a lot of fun with the board reading your movements side to side while you skied. I love that the Wii is the first social gaming system. It's just as much fun to watch as it is to play, and everyone can be involved. I laughed so hard that I cried while watching her try to figure out some of the moves. I love laughing til I cry. I needed that. With all of the stress I've had lately, it felt good to laugh really hard. It's impossible to be in a bad mood while watching/playing Wii. Gotta figure out a way to play more often. I know lots of people with gaming systems, but it seems hard to get together. I love Rock Band, and lots of people I know have it, I guess it's just hard to make plans.
Here's the black sheep I cut out and sewed together out of felt.

I really miss staying up late chatting. We talked about relationships and travel and religion and society and politics and sociology and man do I miss having someone to talk soc with.

I think work has really been taking a toll on me, since I slept most of the weekend. While I am a sleeper, it's unusual for me to sleep this much and be this tired.

Also, my new upstairs neighbors need to learn how to walk lighter. Would it be passiveagressivenotes of me to leave a note asking them to pay attention to how they move in their own home?

Ha, one of the words of the day over at Urban Dictionary is blinker beat

When the tic-toc of the blinkers [on a car] syncs with the music playing on the car radio.

Dude, check it out, I got blinker beat happening on this Jay-Z song.

I didn't know there was a term, but I so notice this. Love!


  1. heyy thanks for your comment on my last week's entry, I am already working on fixing the problem with the pics (I am moving them all to Flickr lol) but you can visit my blog again and say what you think ;)

    I do totally agree with you about the Chictopia thing, Lookbook is much better normally, but I am so tired of seeing Bettyjack's, Cocorosa's and Shelley's copies all around, it is just so boring

  2. I do normally the same, but I really hate it when I see something I do really like but feel like everybody will start wearing it soon :(