May 18, 2010

When the Internet is your friend

Daily Pep Talk is usually correct

It's fine. Forget it.
Pep talk: Whatever you did, it can't be that bad or wrong. I'm sure everyone else was too busy thinking of their own drama to even notice your mistake. Your secret is safe, it's not a big deal, and anyway it's been over for, like, 27 hours by now. Moving on.
Today remind yourself: It's fine. Forget it
Any minute now.
Pep talk: Be patient. No really. Chill the fuck out. Everything that is meant to happen will. It just takes time. You’re a speed demon and the universe needs a second to catch up with you but, when it does, you’ll get everything you need.
Today remind yourself: Any minute now

Your job is not your life. (this one is especially hard for me to remember)
Pep talk: Let’s talk worst case scenarios, shall we? Let’s say you really fuck up and get fired, what then? You pack your shit and get out of there, that’s what. Then you hold your head high and remember that that job didn’t define you. Then you forgive yourself for your mistakes and you try to improve. Then you hunt for a new job, one that makes you happy. Then you keep on living your fabulous life. You may not love any job you ever have, but you have so much going for you that a shitty gig can’t hold you back. You are fantastic and don’t you forget it.
Today remind yourself: My job is not my life.

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