October 21, 2009

Not hot

Dear Campbell's: THIS IS NOT CHICKEN

When I had the flu last week, the bf was nice enough to bring me soup. Now this is partially my fault because I didn't specify which kind, so he brought me condensed soup. I haven't eaten condensed soup since I was a kid. I refer to it as the "slimy kind" because Chicken Noodle in this form is always a bit slimy. Well, I didn't want to look a sick horse in the mouth so I ate it anyway. Well I forgot how TERR-EE-BLEY the chicken is. I had to take a picture. I seriously need to mail this to the company bc that is GROSS. I just kept having to fish them out of the broth and line them up along the side of my bowl.

I went through more tissue boxes than this, but I just had to show you how many I threw away in ONE DAY.

On a nicer note, I was feeling a bit better this weekend, so the bf and I got pumpkins and I wasn't really up to carving mine, so he carved his, and we got this lovely bounty of seeds to cook. Last year we burned the life out of the seeds we baked, so I literally checked my oven every 2 minutes to be sure we didn't kill these. Turned out nicely!

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  1. EWWWWWWW to the chicken! That's just plain gross!