October 20, 2009


I always enjoy when the "prove you're not a spam bot and type in this word" are fun, almost-words. I just got snesstess. I think I'm going to collect them and post them here. I collect words. I'm a nerd, I know. If you like that, then check out my Wordie list.

I remember I dated a guy who was being petulant, and I told him so, and he didn't know what it meant. Should have known it wouldn't work out right then. He was an educated guy, too. I suppose that doesn't really mean anything though, because there are lots of dumb, educated people out there. Like the time I found out a highly educated person I know didn't believe in evolution. I tripped all over myself putting my foot in my mouth because I didn't know how to respond to that.

I'm generally bad at the Favorites game (though I do like to play) because I can never pick just one. So as I'm scanning my Wordie list here, I'm just going to post some that I like and don't use that often. Points to you if you know them without looking them up. Ha, fuliginous even daunts Blogger's spellcheck.

noisome (adj)

legerdemain (n)

fuliginous (adj)

ersatz (n)

abscond (v)

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  1. I like abscond...a verb right? To get away with something? Abscond with the Queen's Mac and Cheese...? Ersatz is a German word. I know the German meaning (a replacement)...something similar in English?