October 22, 2009

Internet love hate

Why do you keep offering yourself to me, little "remember password" button if you will not actually do your job? Every time, I check you, on various sites, you are everywhere, but never do you keep your promises.

Great, and my work computer has a Trojan. Just got another little Auto-Protect diaglog just now with more problematic issues. What is it about sites I go to that keeps getting me a Trojan? I think I may have to blame my Bloglines (or TweetDeck). But No, I cannot give up either!

Also, what is it about Windows\system\32 that likes to get infected?

The word of the day is: canoodle. One should use that word more often. I should also do it more often, but alas, being flu-y, and hack-y and sickly does not lead to candoodling. I am in withdrawal.

Is it tonight yet? Work is just slow and nothing important is happening and is in the way of my great evening. Photoshoot with PunchPhoto tonight (who I haven't actually met but has an office next to an old professor and good friend of mine-small world!) and then rushing to SMCRVA. I hate to be late, but this is the second time I've rescheduled this photoshoot.

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