October 5, 2009

FU, allergies.

I have the worstworst allergies today. I feel like I contstantly need to sneeze, there's pressure right behind my nose and eyes, and my eyes keep watering. I'm in my office and took my Zyrtec as per normal today. This is making me miserable. What gives, Universe?

Have some pretty pictures instead, mostly of food, since this is the time of morning when I get hungry again and crave sweets.

Don't those Oreos look luscious? I love Oreos. This is why I don't shop at Ellwood Thompson's. Give me my high fructose corn syrup and processed sugar!

Two of my favorite things: caake and glitter!

I love breakfast, so a cartoon about it? Even better.

Piles and piles of Gelato.

(photos from Daily Pep)

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