April 18, 2010

full weekend

I did a lot, was lonely, spent a lot, and enjoyed the weather this weekend. I took some slow steps to figuring out how to be friends with my ex, and got props for my writing. So overall good, but there was definitely periods of alone time that got kinda well, lonely.

But that's not why I'm posting. I MUST go to bed, so I won't post photos now of all the loot I got at the Spring Bada-Bing (lame name, cool organizer--the Richmond Craft Mafia (much better name).

Got rings made out of buttons, cool photos, a possible purchase of a real art piece, a sunglasses case, art for my friend's birthday, and a blingy belt buckle.

Here's a fun site I read, they have original art, cool photos, drawings, and music, including this video I've never heard of but enjoyed.

Batzy Shop

1 comment:

  1. hey. if you can figure out how to be friends with your ex, lemme know. that's worth some serious cash money there. and come to write club sometime :-)