April 2, 2010

Contemplative at work

(From: Daily Pep)

Photos to go with the mood I'm in at the moment.

I love that I can listen to my mp3 library away from home on Last.Fm

Contemplative songs scrobbled on Last.Fm this morning:
Destiny by Zero 7 (god, this song is magical)
Run by Snow Patrol
Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Boston White by Umbrellas
Citadel-Anna Nalick
Somebody To Love-Queen

It's been a few perfect weather days this week and will continue through the weekend, so that helps one's mood. It also helps to geek-out with new friends during the week, and have all kinds of things to look forward to this weekend, like First Fridays with Questionable Rationale, and Easter on Parade with my gay bois, my backyard neighbor and hopefully an old college friend.

I recently found a blogger writing about my hometown beaches: I Love Dewey Beach which makes me both excited and wistful at the same time. She appears to live year round somewhere else, but has a summer cottage in Dewey. I wish my mother's house was not a mess so that I would actually have a place to stay for free when I want to come home to my beach. Luckily my best friend's mom has offered her house for me to stay in the future.

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