September 12, 2009

Rehoboth via Shag and Sidecars

Apparently I only like to take pictures of food and drink. I don't have the DSLR photos yet so for now you just get my acid camera.

After dinner at Pig+Fish, my traveling companion and I wandered over to Wilmington Avenue, with the intent to have a cocktail at Planet X, because I'd never been, but we got sidetracked (delightfully) by Shag. (their website is totally lacking)

The last time I'd been there, the place had been an Asian fusion restaurant called Yum Yum. That was many years ago. Shag is a secret psychedelic adventure. Though the signage implies a fun, sixties-era restaurant/bar (their slogan is "Hip Food, Groovy Cocktails"), the front dining area is rather subdued, and was completely empty when we arrived on a chilly Labor Day evening. Clearly, the tourists had all left town. We wondered if the place was even open, and walked to the back to find a splendid interior courtyard for dining, and a shiny bar at the back. It was a big gay adventure. The place was full of reflective surfaces and fairy lights so you know I was in heaven.

We were literally the only patrons there for awhile (it was pretty early, around 8 pm).

I discovered my new favorite drink, the Sidecar, made with Brandy and sour mix, with an orange garnish and delightful sugar rim. Now THAT's how a cocktail should look. (Pig+Fish, take note). The gays know how to do it.

In addition to the patio, there were two small side rooms with plush seating and dim lighting, perfect for making out.

My acid camera showing off the courtyard

Eventually a few more couples scattered in and I chatted up a nice gay couple from PA, took another couple's picture for them, and then we moved to the sparkly bar at back (I apologize for not getting more pictures, but I didn't want to look like a tourist). I started a conversation with a lovely older gay man named Nick next to me who may or may not have been one of the owners. He was quite a storyteller, and lives in Greece half the year.

Clearly we'd come on a slow night at the end of the season, because according to the staff, there'd been a raging party with several hundred people just that weekend. I'm sorry I missed it.

I'll miss you, Shag and Sidecar. Til next time!

After starting our evening so early at Stoney Lonen for happy hour at 4 pm with bartender Chester, my traveling companion, and my high school boyfriend, we were probably back at our hotel in Dewey by 10 pm, lol. Our full enjoyment of cocktails was facilitated by transportation via the always classic, Jolly Trolley.

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