September 2, 2009

Meal Order

I had my meals backwards tonight (which I really never do, I am a firm believer in food order), but the Starbucks ice cream was calling my name, so I polished off 1/3 of the pint when I got home. I hate how some ice cream, after awhile, loses its taste as your mouth gets numb from the cold (perhaps a sign to stop eating it, eh?). I was still hungry for real food, so I put together a concoction I discovered by accident when I was at Rebecca's parents' house and we were scrounging for food: canned corn, cheese, peanuts, a tomato (or in this case, salsa), pepper and stir! It's surprisingly satisfying.

This is my ideal table spread. Lots of coffee and like beverages, sunshine, and bowls piled high with biscuits. (from My Funny Eye)

I'm finally feeling better and don't have any plans tonight, and for once am antsy and feel like socializing, which I haven't felt like doing in about a week. I'm trying to decide if I should go to my new favorite local bar. I wonder if they have wireless? I haven't tried to see if my dad's laptop works again.

(Lavender Lines)

The suddenly cooler temperatures has me all excited for fall and tall boots and jackets and the fall smell. I am always sad for one season to end (except for Winter-- Winter can die a horrible death). I love summer but I also love fall. Dressing for me is so much easier in summer because I can throw on clothes and go, and that's what bothers me about fall dressing, especially because I get cold so easily.

Unrelated, I LOVE this photo of Michelle Williams. I'm a sucker for sepia.

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