September 26, 2009

Christmas in September?

Oh, how I love holiday-themed TV shows. So, a Christmas themed episode of West Wing just came on and I'm now all bleary eyed and singing "What Child Is This" around my apartment and excited for the holidays. Stage fright that I have, I've never been afraid to sing carols. I've been singing them my whole life, and they mean the world to me. With a name like mine, Christmas is the center of your being, religious or not. I celebrate a secular Christmas (hey, it was a Pagan holiday after all), and think there's nothing wrong with that. The holiday is about joy, about being kind to your neighbor, about loving and giving and lights and smells, and happiness and being glad to be alive. None of that is specific to religion. I will continue to sing my carols and know that they bring me joy, something we could use more of in this world, really, regardless of what you think.


  1. I am SO SO SO SO excited for Christmas this year. I want to go get a REAL tree and put it up and I think I might have to enlist your help in decorating :)

  2. I will surely be there to help decorate. Want to go caroling with me this year? I always try to organize and it never quite works.