September 26, 2009


InLight was wondrous and fine. It was great to see so many people out for the evening, supporting artists and downtown. Maybe that downtown revitalization we've been talking about for, oh, FOREVER, will actually happen. I even wrote a final class paper about it for Urban Sociology. My acid camera fared quite well, considering.

I have videos, which I'll post shortly.

UR Downtown's building was lit up with moving lights.

There were tons of artists on display. This was my favorite--a series of shoes thrown over the power lines, lit up with lights with messages on the back of the shoe. I thought it was a nice reference to the city, and a simple, yet understandable message about making art out of the everyday. Participants of InLight were able to vote via text message (smart).

The Hula Hoop girls were amazing. I really should have asked how I can join them.

The UR Gamelan ensemble played music for the parade, in addition to these guys, playing traditional African instruments and beat. Love how acid camera makes it look like we're in a Chronic cloud. There was a tall white guy who was totally into the beat and dancing. I know more about African dance than he, but I was not brave enough to partake.

I was so delighted at how many people were there for the 1st annual Lantern Parade. I can't wait for next year.

I missed you, Carpenter Center.

They held up 2 sheets and had fireburners and people with masks dance behind them, providing a nice silhouette.

This was 2 different travelling art squares. The power for the lights was from a computer tower, being dragged along the middle on an unruly platform on wheels. Funny to watch.

This is the lantern I made at 1708 Gallery at First Fridays.

The new Center Stage building looked nice in the dark.



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  2. 1 - I am so sad I wasn't able to attend with you. :( I suppose there never is a good time for food poisoning, but it really did pick the WORST weekend to strike.

    2 - I am now super duper curious about what prompted Jasmine to leave that comment and will now scour the internets for information to satisfy my curiosity. :)

  3. initially, i did approve your comment. and i posted my response in my comment section. but then i thought about it, and i didn't think it was fair to you. i was worried that some of my readers might feel the need to respond to you. and i didn't want to start any drama since this is supposed to be a positive environment. so i deleted both of our comments, as well as the first one i posted on your blog....this is why i would have preferred communicating through email. i still don't think you quite understand what i meant when i said i wasn't "religious." i have faith in jesus, but that doesn't make me close minded, religious, or a person who cannot think for herself. hopefully, one day you'll meet someone with faith who doesn't act like the typical close minded, "religious" person.

  4. Hi Jasmine,

    I never used the word closed-minded at all and I'm sorry you are jumping to conclusions about that. If someone says they aren't "at all religious" (your words), that usually implies no belief in God or a following of a religion. Whatever, I'm not going to argue with you over semantics, I just responded to what you posted. I never addressed your belief in religion specifically, I was simply stating that religion is just one of the socializing institutions that affects us.