June 2, 2010

words of wisdom

Dallas Clayton has a blog where of short and clever poetry accompanied by drawings. Here are some recent ones I like.

By Dallas Clayton

Thousands of years of art history
and the safe money
is still on a picture of a naked girl.

By Dallas Clayton

that your greatest fear
is dying alone
will have you shopping
at the bargain bin
more often than you’d care
knee deep in discount fashion,
bent on the chance of exhuming that one irregular gem
that none of the others seemed to catch
because they didn’t have time to dig
-too busy, caught up in
dying alone.

By Dallas Clayton

Unlike most words
which dull and fray
with usage
a well-intentioned
“I love you”
seems only to sharpen
growing consistently more effective
through each and every
hurried utterance.

By Dallas Clayton

How do they decide
what information
is worth knowing
and what isn’t?
Like why is the monarch
the only type of butterfly I can name?
And when did I even learn that one?

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