June 8, 2010

Recover from hate

I love that the Internets can give me a pep talk, silly as it is. From Daily Pep.

Recover from hate.
Pep Talk: It doesn’t feel that great to hate someone. Yes, some people really suck, but you don’t have to wait for them to change before you start feeling better. If someone truly awful is giving you that hateful feeling, you can take control and change your feelings. In your mind, you can wish that terrible, icky person good fortune and a happy life. You can want for them all the positive things you want for your best friend and, with enough practice, your feelings will follow your wishes. You won’t feel hate; you’ll feel better and that’s all that matters.
Today remind yourself: Recover from hate.

I am going to do better in remembering this because people who are evil and cruel and gross don't deserve so much of my mental energy.

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