March 3, 2010

Richmond Noir reading

(from Chop Suey's Blog)

Oh, clever photo.

So I'll be going to this book reading this week. After I posted a bit ago about reading Richmond Noir cover to cover.

8:00 PM

featuring readings from contributors X.C. Atkins, Clay McLeod Chapman, Dennis Danvers , Dean King, and Howard Owen

w/ editors Andrew Blossom, Brian Castleberry, and Tom De Haven

Book sales and author greeting will begin at 8:00. The readings will start around 8:45, with the performance from the Scott Burton Trio following. I have a date with RHONY at 10pm, so I won't be able to stay all night.

I hope to see I Could Go On and On there.

In other small Richmond news, I found out the piano accompanist for the chorus I sing in is the mother of a friend of mine. All this time, and I didn't know!

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say, read your comment, I like all types of pizza too. crust...cheese...for real..whats not to like.