March 11, 2010

Streetstyle blogs

I just posted a lot of new inspiration photos in my Winter Everyday People. Here a few teasers:

Found at Cafe Mode

I'd wished I could have gotten an outfit photo of the student earlier in my office, but that probably would have seemed weird. She was dressed casually in jeans, but had an overall theme of sparkles. She had a embellished crystal beige top, with a glitter beige shrug over it. She had a fascinator with sparkly stones on it, and her thong sandals were crystallized too. She had 3 large crystal bangles on one arm, and another with thinner bangles. It was a lot of accessories, but it really worked on her. Oh, and she had red hair. I covet red hair, but I've never really seen it look good on someone who isn't naturally a red head, and I don't want purple hair. I think hers was dyed, but she was fair and freckly and it looked good on her. Sigh. Shear Genius (I never watch this show, but I caught it last night), had a Gorgeous natural redhead as a model for one of the challenges. She's here, click through to number 9. Other fav redheads of mine:

Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair (also a fav movie)

This was from an Etsy site I think, but I love both the color, style, and the hair fascinator.


  1. That there is a fashion accessory called a "fascinator" intrigues me.
    What the hell is it?

  2. It was challenging to find much about them, but here's a short description. I find the name fun too.