February 22, 2010

Richmond Noir

Richmond is 2 degrees of separation as usual.

I had found the collection of short stories, Brooklyn Noir, a little bit ago at a used bookstore. I got bout halfway through and thought it a clever concept--several short stories, each centered on a partiuclar Brookyn neighborhood, told in the noir style.

Little did I know there was a whole series of books for other cities, most newly, our very own RVA!

I first heard about Richmond Noir from reading I Could Go On and On's blog post about it, not realizing the series were connected.

I got my copy on a whim at Chop Suey yesterday, after being drawn to the cheap used book sale outside the store. I haven't bought a new book in a long time, and Chop Suey was offering 10% off. I also combined with Joe and we got 10 books for $5 fron the outside carts (8 for me, 2 for him. He doesn't really read fiction, so less to choose from for him). I got a biography of Nicole Kidman, several short stories, a Larry McMurtry book (a fav author), a book about retaining customers (in case I ever open a shop), and some quick-read novels. Yay.
I spent 5 or 6 hours yesterday evening reading Richmond Noir cover to cover. I hadn't sat quietly in my apartment and just read a book in way too long, so it was a perfect way to spend my Sunday. I heard they are having a reading on March 4 at NY Deli, so I might go to that.

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  1. I heard about this book a while back and it's on my wishlist. Sounds fabulous!