February 19, 2010

things i want to see, and the crow

I'm not normally a movie person. Especially not when 2 people at the movies costs more than a meal at most places!

But after being hammered with advertising for nearly 6 months, I want to see
Shutter Island
twisted storylines, I legit want to know what happens, I like a scary story

and also
Alice in Wonderland
star-studded, cool visuals, Tim Burton obvs, classic story

I want to rent:
A Single Man
I talked about this awhile ago,and missed my window for seeing it in the real theater. I can hope it will come to the Byrd, but I doubt it. Colin Firth, gay storyline, the 60's, stylish, Juliane Moore looks fantastic.

I just watched:
Whip It
Good story, watchable, but somewhat unrealistic and choppy plot at times (and I am SO not a plot critic). I really need a roller derby name.

Did you know that Vera Wang designed The Crow's skating costumes?
(photo: Oregon Live.com, )


  1. I ALSO want to see Shutter Island. Hey, let's hang out! (For serious).

  2. I want to see all those movies too - I updated my Netflix last night and added all the Academy Award nominated films.