February 11, 2010

Snow breakfast

(Photo by Joe)

This was my snow breakfast on Saturday. I was planning to attend a morning screening of a film at the Reel Pride Film Festival, the first GLBT festival in Richmond, but the snow coming down was so pretty, and it was so cozy in my apartment that I just didn't make it.

I made us spinach and feta omelets, with salsa as a garnish, and that plate in the back is chocolates from my get-together the night before. Add coffee in my grandma's nautical mug and juice in the glasses my best friend got me for Christmas, and DONE.

I did venture out later to attend my friend's pre-show party at The Camel, and was pleasantly surprised to see that since I'd been there last, the place was nicened up. The bar was long and smooth, there were tons of beers on tap, and good happy hour drink specials The bartender was very friendly and knowledgeable about the special microbrews, even offering samples to taste. Afterward, we carefully walked through the ice to the Firehouse Theater down the block to see the final film: Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. It was a documentary about 2 women who fell in love back in the 50s and 60s when lesbians were still very hidden, and it was told from the perspective of the then 70-something women, through photos and stories. It was supremely touching, bring tears to nearly everyone in the room. You could tell, that even after 42 years, the women still loved each other very much. It's sad to think I've never had a love like that, and that maybe most of us will never find it.

At one point in the film, the women were naming all the Lesbian bars in NYC at the time, and they showed a map (probably about 12-15), and my friend Kevin leaned over and said, "and we have one." That point really hit home with me. I realize NYC is a much bigger place than Richmond, but even then, in the hush hush times, they had more places to gather than Richmond does in 2010! That's just sad.

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  1. That breakfast looks absolutely amazing!