January 13, 2010


Can you tell my blood sugar bottomed out? After work I needed candy, so I stopped by the Dollar Tree and ended up with this. I've always wanted to try that bagged Beef Jerky. I liked Slim Jims as a kid and was intrigued by the texture of this stuff, but was always a little wary to try it bc clearly it is not good for you. The package was thin, and it tasted okay, but was sweeter than I expected. In the car on the way home I also had a handful of the wasabi rice things (they all taste terrible/bland except for the wasabi balls), a reese's cup, 1/2 the coke, and now am eating cheese and crackers. Please call and check that I haven't gone into a gluten coma.

The GayRVA fake matchbook wasn't gotten at the store, I just threw it in my still life here as a plug for my friend's blog.

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