January 5, 2010

Cold, drab, dreary

Especially in cold, dark winter, I have a lot of trouble dressing myself in the morning. Today I actually woke up on time and showered but when I had to put an outfit together, I just didn't want to. It was too much effort, too many choices. I get like this when it's cold or I feel rushed. I ended up just laying half under the covers and mini napping for 15 minutes, which made me late to work. Much as I love having a week and a half off, and spending most of those days being lazy, it makes the realization that you have to get up early and go to work for the rest of your life pretty daunting.

All of the twitterverse is complaining about how cold and dreadful it is outside, but I never get tired of complaining about the cold. If I didn't like Richmond so much, I'd think I'd have moved someplace more temperate by now.

I did end up putting a very cool and colorful outfit together with my new patterned Twenty By Twelve thrifted skirt. The NP at job 2 tonight said it looked like a Monet.

America's Funniest Videos has been on longer than Seinfeld, Friends, and many other TV shows, they declared this evening. It never gets old, even though people don't really videotape anything anymore, and they still show tapes from 1990. I'm amazed it's stayed on the air as long as it has. My favorite clip of all time is from years ago when Bob Saget did the show and he narrates "Billy said they had a man-eating bush at Mr. Wilson's" as a boy on his bike rides right into a bush that fully envelops him.

A coworker not in my department invited me to lunch today and it was really nice to catch up. I found out she plays in a newly-formed, all female, rock cover band. How cool! She was also very excited to hear about the newly-formed GSA I started and advise for.

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  1. I think there must be no limit to the funny videos from the 90s. It just never ends. And it's always funny. No matter now many times dad gets hit in the balls, or the dog knocks over the baby, it's still funny.,