January 19, 2010


I am not a spontaneous person. I think a lot of people like to use that as one of the words to describe them, but I am NOT one of them. I am a planner, I like itineraries, and planning ahead, and lists, and the giddy anticipation of looking forward to something.

That said, I do appreciate when friends call for a last minute get together, or people who actually follow through on the rare case that I ask them to do something last-minute. This is also why I love having friends within walking distance.

Sunday night was like another weekend night for me because I was off Monday (the only holiday we get until Memorial day-notwoot). I didn't have plans, and wanted to go out after watching the Golden Globes and drinking wine.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter and Facebook (didn't we use to use IM for this?), 2 friends responded, one who was traveling via bike, and the other who lives just a few blocks away. Bike friend had showed his penchant for impromptu meetups before. I walked the 6 blocks to my friend's house, and then another 6 to White Dog, which turned out to be closed. Through the magic of my friend's iPhone (I don't have a data phone), we found out RVAFoodie had ended up at Bamboo, where I happily go now that there is no smoking. Johnny ordered the fries, which were thin and abundant and AMAZING. We chatted, I drank $4.50/glass Merlot, and then walked/biked our respective ways home. The warmer weather made the walking bearable. Now that I add it up, it is a lot of blocks, but didn't feel that far away.

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  1. Hehehe..."notwoot" - that made me giggle. Also, those few days of warm were so nice.